Neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier scored more than 56 thousand votes in the midterm elections in Congress

On Tuesday, 6 November, in South Chicago in the midterm elections, more than 56 thousand voters gave their votes for the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Arthur Jones. Although Jones lost to moderate Democrat Dan Lipinski, the reviewers noted that the ideas promoted by them, supported a very large number of people.

Arthur Jones is 70 years old. He was nominated as a Republican, though he never played in the party leading role. In fact, the leaders of the Republican party did not support Jones in the election on Tuesday. Moreover, the state’s Governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, urged the people of South Chicago, «vote for anyone but not for Jones.»

Another prominent figure of the Republican party, Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, during the campaign, wrote in his Twitter: «good people in Illinois, there are two reasonable options: select a third candidate or vote for the Democrat. This fool [Jones] should not receive from you any voice.»

During the race, Jones boasted of his anti-Semitism, talked about the Holocaust as about the extortion and kosher certified products was called «Jewish fraud».

Victorious and re-elected for the seventh time Dan Lipinski, who first became a Congressman in 2005, said that the campaign Jones was anti-Semitic. The Congressman did not mention Jones in its statement on Tuesday after winning the election.

«Voters like my common sense that benefits the district and our country, — said Lipinski. — People will always disagree, but I think we all agree that America needs to make a better place for present and future generations».