Florida will review the results of the midterm elections

Florida will review the results of the elections for Governor, state Senator and Commissioner of agriculture. Recount procedure should be completed on November 20.

In accordance with the laws of Florida, if the odds given for one of the candidates votes is 0.5% or less, the results of revising by computer. If the difference is up to 0.25% — the calculation is carried out again manually.

So what are the results of the review and why?

  • Democrat Nikki fried and Republican Matt Caldwell finished the race for the Commissioner of agriculture with a gap of 0.4 percent — slightly more than 3 thousand votes.
  • Next: running for Governor Andrew gillum (D) and Ron De Santis (R). Initial results showed that De Santis is leading the race, ahead of Gillam 1%, however, received on Thursday and Friday, data from Broward and palm beach have changed the balance of power, up to 0.41% — causing a recalculation.
  • In the spotlight — fighting Democrat bill Nelson and Republican Rick Scott for the Senate seat. According to the original results, Scott was ahead of the opponent by about 12,500 votes — about 0.15%. However, summarizing complicated due to the counties Broward and palm beach, where the calculation of results continued after election day.

Scott has filed against the local election officials the lawsuit, said that the delay was their attempts to falsify the results. Nelson, in turn, argues that his opponent is only trying to prevent the counting of votes in constituencies traditionally favoring Democrats, and the revision is needed to verify compliance with all the rules.

The first phase of the recount (using the computer) will conclude on Thursday, November 15, to 15.00. If necessary, it will be followed by a recount by hand, which will end on Sunday, November 18. The final outcome of the state down on Tuesday, November 20.