Former adviser to Hillary Clinton: will she run for President in 2020

71-year-old Hillary Clinton in 2020 will take part in the presidential race, according to mark Penn, in his time working as the Advisor to the Hillary and her husband bill Clinton.

«Loyal to his cause and his name, Mrs. Clinton will fight to the last. She won’t let such a “small” failure as a failure of the [previous election], to stand in her way to the White house, noted Penn in yesterday’s article for the Wall Street Journal, co-authored with Democrat Andrew Stein, former President of Manhattan. Clinton won’t let her loss to President Trump in 2016 was the end of her political career. So wait for a new election race with Mrs. Clinton. Maybe she will not announce it now, when such statements make many Democrats elected to the Senate, but later, closer to the primaries, no doubt».

According to Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton had 2 years to analyze what went wrong during the previous campaign, and come up with a new strategy.

«I see her as a strong left and democratic leader with a wealth of experience and is the only person who could definitely win Mr. trump,» reads the article.

Hillary Clinton herself in October on the issue of elections 2020 replied evasively, saying that «I would not like the race, but would like to become President.»

Some other longtime Clinton advisers do not share the confidence of the foam and Stein.

«She is likely to win the Powerball jackpot than again he will run,» said Councilman Philip Reines.