Trump says that he answered the questions Mueller about the Russian intervention but still did not send them

President trump claims that have already answered questions from special Prosecutor Mueller about the Russian intervention in elections in 2016 written but still not sent them.

During a conversation with reporters in the oval office this Friday, the President said that he had just finished to answer the questions that were dealt, «no problem,» adding however that «we need always to be careful». Trump also said that respond to questions of your own — not charging it to their lawyers.

The President did not specify when exactly he plans to send replies Mueller.

Why is it important

According to trump, he announced the imminent completion of the investigation, Mueller , to date, lasting almost half a year.

«From what I heard, it was coming to an end. the President said — I’m Sure everything will be just fine. <…> The truth is that I was a much better candidate than Hillary Clinton. I was in the right States, but she can’t. She’d had a bad campaign, I have good and I received the votes of the electoral College».

Trump said it is not worried because of the investigation, describing it as a «Scam» that «was never supposed to be» and which «spent millions of dollars».

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