President trump thanksgiving thanked himself

Donald trump met thanksgiving with his family in a luxurious mansion Mar-a Lago in Florida.

During a morning press conference one of the reporters asked what the President is most grateful for this year.

«For the wonderful family and accomplished significant changes in this country, — said the head of the White house. — I have made tremendous changes in the country. Now, this country is much stronger than when I took office, you wouldn’t believe [how]».

And so believes he is not alone, assured the President.

«When I meet with foreign leaders, they say they can’t believe how different the power of the current United States from the United States two years ago. [We] made a lot of progress,» — said trump.

The response of the current President differs from his predecessor, Barack Obama.

«I am thankful for the next generation of leaders — young people who are tolerant, creative, idealistic, and work to transform the world as it should be. For those who understand that hope requires action. From the Obama family to all of you [wish] happy thanksgiving,» wrote Obama in Twitter.

Also in thanksgiving trump phoned members of all 5 military staff who will spend these holidays on service abroad, and then joined the festive dinner, during which broke with tradition by talking about politics.

— Josh Dawsey (@jdawsey1) November 23, 2018

«It’s terrible when the judges take over the functions of protection, when they tell you how to protect the border. It’s a shame,» — I could not resist trump, hinting at a court decision to block the orders of the White house about the «caravan» of migrants at the border with Mexico.

Donald trump is not the first time appreciated his work at the presidency. So, on Sunday, November 18, on Fox News Sunday, he said that would put myself five-plus.