Ukraine introduces martial law and seeks the support of NATO: the 24 Ukrainian seafarers in captivity

By the evening of Monday 24 Ukrainian military sailor remain in Russian captivity. They were detained by Russian border guards during yesterday’s clashes in the Kerch Strait, reported by the Ukraine introduces martial law and preparing to repel a possible invasion of Russian troops.

In this watch, the Parliament of Ukraine is considering the issue of approval signed by Petro Poroshenko’s decree on the introduction of martial law. At night, when the national security Council was talking about the Declaration of martial law, critics have already accused the President of wanting to use the situation around Kerch in its domestic political goals — to achieve the deferral election. However, today Poroshenko signed a decree limited the period of martial law for 30 days that will allow to hold elections on time. Moreover, the representatives of different departments already stated that the details of the decree regulating the regime of martial law, not complicate banking, international trade and will not affect the freedom of the media. Also not planned for the mobilization.

Woni mill drivetime 30 days I to be completed in Gruden. Same in groudn I will submit to the Parliament a draft rsena about the date prezidentskih Viborg. Respectively to Constitut, TSI vibor toil Budisa 31 March 2019 rock.

— Petro Poroshenko (@Poroshenko) November 26, 2018

Skeptics now call this «martial law» bluff and wonder what it will give. The President, speaking to Parliament, said: «We are not planning offensive operations, but the military situation is necessary to be ready for the defense.» According to him, the events in the Kerch — planned provocation, which the Kremlin can use to try to escalate the hostilities, and that’s not a climax — there is a risk of a large-scale invasion. In his video message, the President noted that in Kerch shot Ukrainians not dressed humanoids, and military personnel in the Russian form — a new round of escalation of the conflict.

Pid hour Telefono rozmovy z bohom Nam NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg about demobilise terminowe slikanja nadzvychaina of the meeting was the Commission Ukraine-NATO.

Poinformowa @jensstoltenberg about brutalni act agres Russia against the Ukraine one about suprovodzhennya mode wonogo will be.

— Petro Poroshenko (@Poroshenko) November 26, 2018

The UN has started the meeting of the security Council on the events in Kerch. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the holding of evening meetings of the Commission NATO — Ukraine.

Kerch, 26 Nov

— IgorGirkin (@GirkinGirkin) November 26, 2018

As reported by «Browser», among the captured Ukrainian sailors — the commander of the ship «Nikopol» Bogdan Fiction, which was among the cadets who refused to swear allegiance to Russia in Sevastopol in 2014. Then a video where some cadets defiantly sang the anthem of Ukraine in the face of aggressors, went around the world. Fiction graduated in Odessa and became the commander of the «Nikopol».

Six are in captivity in Kerch, the Ukrainian sailors were injured. «The censor.»with reference to its sources names three: «Artemenko Andrew A. (31 Mar 1994 birth, Novoukrainka, Kirovograd region), Forty Vasily V. (April 11, 1991 year of birth, Odessa), Eider Andrei Dmitrievich (December 20, 1999, Odessa),» they are in the hospital. President Poroshenko promised to do everything possible for their soonest release.

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— Petro Poroshenko (@Poroshenko) November 26, 2018