Michael Cohen has the potential to completely collapse the building under the name trump

Short double news. And it’s important.

Here, catch the thief!

Catch it time!

But we all know

That uncaught is not a thief.

Today, trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to testify in court, laid a possible bomb that has the potential to completely collapse the building under the name of trump. I understand the information may additionally change. Now we know!

1. As it turned out, a huge (several billion dollars) investment project under the name of trump Tower in Moscow is almost entirely funded from Russian sources, but was applied as construction of the trump.

2. This project is not ended, as discussed trump even 2015, and continued for a time (until July 2016), when trump was in the election campaign from the Republican party and became it’s main nominee. That is, he lied and broke the law, speaking about the Russian relationship. There is also a direct conflict of interest if the President owe the money to a foreign power.

3. It is also possible that trump had no direct source of funding not only for the construction business in Moscow, but all the rest is already in the States. Including presidential campaign (I’m still trying to find more info about this). Trump, after all his failures, just didn’t have the money for a large project in Moscow, where the construction of extremely complex and expensive. Because he brow beat Putin that he financed it, instead offering his name and we can guess his good attitude, if he becomes President.

4. Hearing that Cohen is losing everything and everyone, tramp urgently announces that with Putin in Argentina would not meet. And to the topic in the news with Cohen to change and also to create the appearance that he and Putin have nothing in common. After four days he slurred mamlina on this topic quite clear in Ukraine, where it is clear what and why.

5. Cohen goes through the Brooklyn Prosecutor’s office, he cannot be pardoned by trump, as in the case of Monforton is not a Federal court, where there is pardon. Because it’s only fair to pass and shoot at full. To sit years in jail, he does not Shine. I forgive all… Then as Manafort, despite the plea bargain, continued to lie and twist, in the hopes that his devotion to the Tsar will be rewarded with a Royal pardon. However, I can’t even imagine that such a sorry from trump’s cause in Congress, because it is a direct attempt to derail the investigation before it ended, and actually trump then protects not Manafort and of itself.

6. The Cohen affair will not end with Mueller, and will continue, as it is for a different article, and is mentioned in two cases. And if Mueller is a terrible political scandal, which is difficult to prove as a criminal. The case is Cohen tower in Moscow — it is pure crime, money laundering, corruption, bribes, etc., and prove it easier. And because it is from here the cold wind blows in a Federal prison for the President, which is because in such a nervous condition the last days.