Trump’s company wanted to give Putin a penthouse for $50 million Trump Tower in Moscow

Trump Organization wanted to highlight for the President of Russia Vladimir Putin penthouse for $50 million in Trump Tower in Moscow that was never built.

Actually it was a marketing ploy, said yesterday, November 29, Daily News real estate agent, who advised Trump Organization and being an FBI informant Felix Sather.

«In Russia the oligarchs are out to dig in its heels, just to live in the same building where Vladimir Putin, said Sather Buzzfeed. My idea was to give Putin a penthouse cost $50 million to $250 million for the rest of the room. All the oligarchs have lined up to live in the same building as Putin».

According to the consultant, about his proposal he said in the summer of 2016 at the time the personal lawyer of President Michael Cohen. The law enforcement sources told Buzzfeed that the defender trump approved of the idea and discussed it with the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov.

Sather said that he doesn’t know, and discussed whether Cohen is with someone from the Russian government. He also added that after this conversation, they never discussed this issue.

Note that just yesterday, Cohen confessed to perjury to Congress about the real estate deals trump of Russia in the framework of the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller. For example, a former lawyer lied about the fact that the construction project finally closed not in January 2016, and in June several months before the election. Cohen also claimed that trump knew about the ongoing negotiations. According to the lawyer, he defended trump and his presidential campaign.

In response to recognition of a former lawyer who is now actively cooperating with the investigation, trump told reporters that the examination of new proposals – it is normal for its business.

In addition, the President called Cohen «a weakling» who lied to mitigate his sentence. But trump also said that the case of real estate was never a secret and was never implemented.