USA want to select more skilled workers for an H-1B visa

Yesterday, November 30, the Department of homeland security (DHS) has proposed legislative changes under which the applicants will have to submit a petition for the issuance of visas to H-1B in electronic form on the website of citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) during a specified period.

DHS also intends to give preference to foreigners with a master’s degree (or higher academic degree) issued by educational institutions of the United States. To this end, the Ministry wants to cancel the right on which the selection occurs in accordance with the limit on the number of visas regardless of the level of education of the applicant. This should lead to an increase of 16% in the number of the most qualified and well-paid beneficiaries.

New rules can also include a provision that will allow USCIS to temporarily suspend the registration process for the issuance of work visas within the fiscal year, if technical failures occur during the registration filings for H-1B and/or processed by the system.

If these changes are approved, they should be implemented already in the 2020 financial year. DHS also announced that they will be able to start the electronic system by this time. In this case, registration for H-1B visa, most likely, will be temporarily suspended.

The H-1B programme allows us companies to bring qualified foreign employees who have specialized knowledge that require theoretical and practical application, for a specific period of time. At the moment due to a huge number of applications limit this type of visas is exhausted for 5 days, and the selection is random.

According to forecasts USCIS electronic registration will reduce the overall costs to applicants and will be more economical and efficient for the Department. Service staff no longer have to physically handle hundreds of thousands of petitions for H-1B.

Informed DHS in conjunction with the Ministerial of labor (DOL) introduced the project, which is designed to modernize the requirements for hiring of foreign workers visa H-2B and more easily find jobs for U.S. workers.