Putin: war will continue as long as Ukraine’s leaders in power

Today, November 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he sees no end to the conflict in the East of Ukraine until the country’s leadership remains in power.

«The current Ukrainian authorities are not interested in resolving the conflict, especially peacefully, Putin said to journalists after the summit of «Big twenty» in Argentina. – As long as they remain in power, the war will continue».

In his speech, the Russian leader stressed that the Russian government is not indifferent to how the situation will develop in Ukraine. According to Putin, Kiev is beneficial to the conflict in Donbas continued, because the government justifies its «failures in economic and social policy.»

On 25 November Russian ships rammed the tug of the Ukrainian Navy and seized three Ukrainian ships, accusing them of violating the territorial waters around the illegally annexed Crimean Peninsula. The incident Russian border guards detained Ukrainian sailors, among which was one wounded.

After the summit of «Big twenty» the Russian leader said that they do not intend to release prisoners of war until the «provocative actions of Ukraine».

On the eve of the G20 summit, the President of trump canceled his meeting with Putin in connection with the situation in the Azov sea. The American leader said that Ukrainian ships and sailors will not be returned to Ukraine, their dialogue can not take place.

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had an «informal conversation» at Friday night’s dinner during the G20 summit, the White House says https://t.co/7jLmyynp0H pic.twitter.com/UWqioce9ZO

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) December 1, 2018

At a press conference, Putin expressed regret over the cancellation of his meeting with trump. The Russian leader noted that they managed to discuss the situation, adding that both remained unconvinced.

A few days after Russia’s aggressive actions, the activists held a rally «No to Russian aggression in Ukraine» in several U.S. cities.