Ocasio-Cortez received the office of Barbara Comstock on the results of the draw in the Congress

The Congresswoman is a Democrat from new York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez enter in the office of Republican Barbara Comstock, a loser in Virginia. While Barbara still takes out your things, Alexandria was beginning to settle in the new walls.

I said my Sana Sana… and got to number 40! (Lowest is 85) pic.twitter.com/u3YIqvOMpF

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) November 30, 2018

Congress today held a traditional draw, where the offices were distributed among navitronic congressmen. Ocasio-Cortez struck out No. 40 and received the keys from the office of Republican Barbara Comstock, who lost the election in Virginia. Last night Alexandria walked in to see the Cabinet: former owner already basically took your things, «leaving only a few things in the fridge».

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likens her win election to America’s historic moon landing via @washtimes pic.twitter.com/hxM9bAr5iH

— Eddie Donovan, Ph.D. (@EddieDonovan) December 1, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez divided Twitter with joy from neighborhood: two doors down from her new office — the office of Nancy Pelosi.