«I love you too»: the last words of George H. W. Bush was addressed to the son.

According to a close family source, last words, George Bush, was addressed to the son, George Bush Jr., with whom they spoke on the phone shortly before the death of the former President of the United States.

Bush told the father that the «perfect parent,» to which Bush replied, «I love you too.» It was his last words.

«The end came an extraordinary life»

In recent years, the former head of the U.S. suffer from serious health problems — including Parkinson’s disease. After the death of his wife, Barbara, April 17, as Bush has deteriorated since he was hospitalized several times. According to the source, a few hours before he died, George asked if he wants to go to the hospital, but the former President refused. Bush added that he was ready to leave and reunite with Barbara and their late daughter, Robin, died from leukemia in early childhood.

George Bush died at the age of 94 years on Friday, December 30, at his home in Houston, surrounded by family and loved ones — including son Neil Bush, the best of the other and former Secretary of state James Baker, and grandson Pierce Bush.

«We are filled to overflowing. — Neal said, remembering her father’s last days spent «in the circle of a loving family» — the end came an extraordinary life.»

George Bush Sr. was buried in the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library in College station (Texas) — next to his wife and daughter.

«I love you too»: the last words of George H. W. Bush was addressed to the son.
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«I love you too»: the last words of George H. W. Bush was addressed to the son.
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«He never ceased to serve»

«George Bush was a man of the highest moral principles and the best father could ever dream of son or daughter. — commented on the news of the death of ex-President George W. Bush in an official statement, the Bush Family is eternally grateful for his life and love, for the kindness of those who cared and prayed for him, and condolences to our friends and citizens of America.»

«I already miss the greatest people ever known. — said in his Twitter Jeb Bush — I Love you, daddy.»

«The United States has lost a true patriot in the person of George Herbert Walker Bush. — wrote ex-President Barack Obama — Today we mourn, but we are grateful [to him]. Our thoughts are with the Bush family and all who were inspired by the example of George and Barbara.»

«Few Americans succeeded — or will succeed — just to serve his country as he served President Bush, receiving from it the same joy every day» — said in a statement, former President Clinton, adding that he «never ceased to serve».

«I will always be infinitely grateful for every moment spent with President Bush, and will always consider our friendship one of the main gifts in my life.»

Bill Clinton

«President Bush has lived a long, successful and beautiful life. — wrote in his Twitter the President of trump Every time I was near him, I saw he was genuinely happy life and how proud of his family. <…> He was an incredible man, and we all will miss him».