The United States suspended adherence to the nuclear agreement because of violations on the part of Russia

Today, December 4, Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said that the United States suspend the performance of its obligations under the nuclear agreement, since the Russian Federation had violated it.

Earlier in the meeting of foreign Ministers of NATO countries in Brussels Pompeo noted that Russia is not systematically adhere to the clauses of the Contract on liquidation of rockets of average and small range and it lasts for many years.

«These violations of the INF Treaty cannot be considered in isolation from the larger picture of the impunity of Russia on the world stage,» said Secretary of state during his speech to the Ministers.

JUST IN: Citing Russian violations, Sec. of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S. is suspending its obligations under the nuclear treaty: «These violations of the INF treaty cannot be viewed in isolation from the larger pattern of Russian lawlessness on the world stage»

— ABC News (@ABC) December 4, 2018