The Republicans will sue the liberals who are trying to meet

The Dating site created for the Republicans is to sue the liberals who try to join. «It’s ridiculous that they were sitting here, feeding in the court of our President,» say the creators of the future site.

Friends are always trying to set us up, sometimes with record results. What has been your «blind date» experience? Great or hilariously bad?

— Righter (@wearerighter) December 3, 2018

A supporter of trump, Christy Edwards Lawton, the Creator of a special website for Dating is only for the Republicans, told The Daily Beast that came up with this website after a chance meeting. In a conversation at one of the events the interviewee lamented that she did not want to mix guys in new York due to the fact that she voted for trump.

«Righter, which started at the end of this month, love is meant as a safe space, but only for those who support the President. If you’re a liberal, Righter can sue you if you try to join. It’s zero tolerance,» said Lawton, and also assured that he has a very strong team of lawyers who will cope with this challenge.

Righter is launching very soon! It will be the ultimate place for #MAGA singles to meet. Why waste your time with those other sites when «right minds meet» on Righter!

— Righter (@wearerighter) December 1, 2018

Perhaps someone reading all this, now smiling, but Lawton is confident that the market niche for Righter exists, and it is huge. According to her, the supporters trump rejected for their political views resources such as Tinder, OKCupid or Bumble. No better than in new York, and things in the capital. According to The Hill, «Young Republicans are faced with negative reaction to their beliefs in a predominantly blue cities such as Washington, DC. Conservatives living and working in Washington, said that they are often insulted and greeted with hostility.»

Would you rather stay in, cook dinner together and rent a movie, or go out to dinner and dancing at a club?

— Righter (@wearerighter) November 29, 2018

The lack of political opponents — not only «+» this Dating site. Men will appreciate features such as identification and rejection of «otfotoshopili», foreign or irrelevant photos of women looking for Dating. «Women have learned to look different, younger, thinner, better — said Lawton told reporters. It will not happen in our application». And women can attract additional information about men — for example, the failure of the gentleman to pay for the first date.

What is your idea of the perfect first date?

— Righter (@wearerighter) November 29, 2018