95-year-old Bob Dole said goodbye to George Bush in the Capitol

Former Senator Bob Dole, twice to compete with George Bush on intra-party elections as a candidate for U.S. President, arrived today to say goodbye to him in the Capitol. 95-year-old politician arrived in a wheelchair, but with the help of fellow rose and walked to the coffin.

WATCH: Bob Dole lifted from wheelchair to salute George H. W. Bush https://t.co/CvI1v2arBu pic.twitter.com/oZGKtuf14G

— The Hill (@thehill) February 4, 2018

Bob Dole with great difficulty put up his left hand in greeting Bush, as a veteran of the Second world war, did not say anything, and sat back in the stroller left the room. However, this action of a man with very poor health was appreciated by all those present: «Bob Dole — how nice to see you today, read # 41. Still handsome in 95!» — said on Twitter Barbara Streisand.

Bob Dole — how nice to see you honoring #41 today. Still handsome at 95! pic.twitter.com/NTm47HK4x4

— Barbra Streisand (@BarbraStreisand) December 4, 2018

«Time can heal. I was with Bob Dole, when he lost to George Bush senior in new Hampshire, a result which virtually ended the run of Dole in the White house and saved Bush. Dole was then angry and bitter. This tribute to 30 years later, what keeps me optimistic,» said Richard N. Haass.

Time can heal. I was with Bob Dole when he lost to George HW Bush in New Hampshire, an outcome that effectively ended Dole»s run for the White House and saved that of Bush. Dole was angry and bitter. This tribute 30 years later is the sort of thing that keeps me optimistic.

— Richard N. Haass (@RichardHaass) November 4, 2018

«It’s incredible. Bob Dole is one of the best in America,» said amber Smith.

This is incredible. Bob Dole is one is of America’s finest. https://t.co/QbJewozeSv

— Amber Smith (@AmberSmithUSA) December 4, 2018

Finally, the son of the former President, Jeb Bush wrote: «unbelievable. Thank you, Senator Dole».

Just incredible. Thank you Senator Dole. https://t.co/yhKG4DLCQU

— Jeb Bush (@JebBush) December 4, 2018