The fishermen went to plead with the oil companies and hope for a rich haul

Fishermen still do not wait for permission to Dungeness crab fishing off the coast of California, sue the oil companies. According to the fishermen, the oil companies fault for global warming, which increased the level of neurotoxin in the water, because of which the authorities did not give permission to catch, tearing the season. The fishermen want the oil industry has compensated the damage.

The fishermen went to plead with the oil companies and hope for a rich haul

The Federation of fishermen of the Pacific coast notes that the delay in the fishing permit of the expensive crab Dungeness is already not the first year, and it is wasteful for fishermen. Based on published in November the report of the U.S. Government to recognize the fact of global warming and called anthropogenic factor in his cause, the Federation believes that the oil companies deliberately detrimental to the fishermen. The lawsuit was filed against dozens of the largest oil companies.

The fishermen went to plead with the oil companies and hope for a rich haul

Ann Carlson, co-Director of the Emmett Institute on climate change and the environment, has called this lawsuit is historic, similar to the lawsuits against tobacco companies in the 90-ies. «But it is interesting that here for the first time the interests of entire industries,» — she shared this opinion with the LA Times.

Of course, not all agree with the direct statement of fault of the oil companies to change the composition of the water: «We can not dismiss other reasons for the growth of algae in the coastal waters of the Pacific ocean, and the associated increase in the level of neurotoxin, said today in an interview with the SF Examiner Dr. William Cochlan, researcher on phytoplankton at the University of San Francisco (SFSU). — That the bloom occurred, you need more than just warm temperatures. You should also have nutrients and sufficient light. These nutrients come from sewage and agricultural sources».

But the issue of global warming has long ceased to be scientific, indeed, has become political and now judicial. Recall that President Donald trump denies climate change, accordingly, his political opponents, insisting on the presence of a temperature crisis, questioning the credibility and opinions of trump. Now, when the Government officially recognized the warming, it is the turn for the court. After all, the court will have to recognize first the fact of the events that impacted the fishermen, and then to admit the guilt of the subjects of economic activity. Then the court decision will set a precedent not only for the fishermen and oil — this is a great political fishing.

Meanwhile, the courts, associated with San Francisco can be especially unpleasant for the administration in the White house. In November the local Federal judge John Tigar issued two decisions that are contrary to the policy of trump. The first suspends the ban on granting asylum to illegal immigrants on the Mexican border. The second verdict was also a blow for migration policy trump, eliminating additional checks for holders of green Cards when applying for military service.