The attorney General of new York Letitia James promised to carefully check the business trump

Letitia James in his first extensive interview after the election of the attorney General of new York said he will hold wide-ranging investigation into the activities of President trump.

«We use every area of the law, to investigate the business operations as President of trump and his family,» reported NBC News Letitia James, who became the first African-American woman in the post of Prosecutor General.

According to James, her attention will be focused on:

  • the illegal operations of the trump properties in new York (especially on the October investigation by the New York Times President of Finance);
  • meeting in the Trump Tower in June 2016, with Russian officials;
  • received by trump subsidies, which have also become a key issue of investigation Times;
  • possible violation by the President of the wage provisions of the U.S. Constitution with the help of the new York companies;
  • charitable Trump Foundation.

In addition, James will focus on the laws on double jeopardy. The future attorney General wants to get permission to indict those pardoned by the President, if these individuals are accused of committing crimes in the state of new York.

«I think this bill is passed in the first 100 days — says James. — This is the priority, because I have concerns that this administration can pardon some of the persons who will be charged with criminal offences, and I don’t want them to have been immune to charges of the state.»

Former public advocate Letitia James, a candidate in the midterm elections which was supported by Governor Cuomo, will take office as attorney General in January. It will replace on this post Barbara underwood, who became attorney General in early 2018 after the departure of Eric Schneiderman, who resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment.

Predecessors James underwood and Schneiderman also paid great attention to the investigation of charitable activities Trump Foundation. So, on June 14, underwood filed a lawsuit against the President and his children — Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. They are accused of years of illegal activities in non-profit organizations, as well as abuse of power (this refers to the sponsorship of election campaign trump in 2016).