Over the student named trump bullied classmates

Student Joshua trump of Delaware in the school documents will be recorded under a different name due to the fact that his teasing classmates.

«They curse him, called an idiot and stupid,» said the mother of 11-year-old Joshua Megan trump.

According to parents, the mockery of a child whose family has no relation to the 45 th President of the United States, began from the time when launched the election campaign of Donald trump.

The boy’s father, Bobby, Berto, said that bullying went so far that the child had to be taken out of school and throughout the year to teach at home.

This year Joshua entered high school, and his parents thought that everything will change. They even met with school administrators and teachers to tell them about past problems Joshua.

«I am aware of this problem, — said the Director of the Talley Middle School (Wilmington, Delaware) mark Mayer. And I also know that, talking with students, teachers make every effort not to call his name Joshua.»

However, the boy’s parents reported that the bullying has not stopped.

«He said he hates himself, his name and no longer wants to live. To hear that a parent is scary,» said Megan trump.

According to Director Meyer, after a recent meeting with the parents of Joshua were investigated, and five students were subject to disciplinary action. Classmates apologized to the boy.

In addition, the administration agreed to change the name Joshua in the school system in the name of his father Berto.