Fox News: trump has canceled the Christmas party for journalists in the White house

President trump canceled a Christmas party for the media at the White house. This was exclusively reported by Fox News channel citing its own sources, but official confirmation from Washington had not yet arrived.

Annual gala dinner with journalists before Christmas is a long standing tradition of American presidents. Some years we invited reporters and media executives were so many that I had to spend 2 events: one for broadcast and another for print media.

Mediagate at these dinners was expecting a buffet with snacks and a variety of desserts. Media representatives could visit the White house with the husband (wife) or invite someone from the family or colleagues.

A separate feature of the event were the photo shoot, which the President and the first lady posed with the guests and led them a short conversation. Photographers the White house later sent these pictures to the guests. By the way, bill Clinton posed for a photo with journalists, even when it was launched impeachment proceedings.

In 2017 President Donald trump and the first lady Melania spent the evening with journalists, but not posed with them for photos. Trump also has twice refused to participate in the dinner to correspondents at the White house, and also in the awards ceremony of the media, which was visited by every American President since Richard Nixon.

The White house’s decision, if confirmed, is unlikely to be a sensation, considering the confrontation trump most of the media, which he calls fake news.