The main bad news: trump is completely out of Syria

The main bad news: trump is completely out of Syria.

The main bad news: trump is completely out of Syria

If this happens:

1. The main and final winner — Putin. With all the ensuing consequences.

2. Assad and Iran are the winners of No. 2.

3. The Kurds we have once again abandoned. Loser No. 1.

4. Turkey gets a free hand with the Kurds.

5. Israel is in blatant defeat. Loser No. 2.

6. Arab allies of the Sunni camp and the loser No. 3.

7. Ukraine is becoming a new target of Russia, and therefore indirectly, the loser No. 4.

The main bad news: trump is completely out of Syria

Also read between the lines. Trump, leaving Syria implicitly gave victory to the Shiite camp and Iran. What’s the difference with President Obama, which likewise was — indirectly — on the same side?

The Saudis, as we feared, after the case of Khashoggi indirectly, but bowed to Putin: decrease in oil production, the Arabs agreed on with the Russian.

America, as I predicted countless times, continues the withdrawal from the entire Middle East. The oil from there to Washington has completely lost its meaning. Because there is nothing to stop this process can not. All the talk about love-friendship-gum and were talking. The production of the required America online that made the region any meaningful. And nothing more.

The Sunni camp and Israel, which successfully quarreled Obama, who is now a virtually abandoned trump, will consolidate around Israel. That is pure pragmatism: the Arabs don’t like Israel and Jews, but if the region is not USA, the main military force there becomes Israel. And if so, the Sunni Arabs, on the heels of which continue to attack Iran and the Shiites will be led dances around Israel. Waiting for the visit of the Saudi king to the Western Wall.

«And now you can come to grips with the Ukraine and Bandera crush government» — that is what the thought will be in the Kremlin today. I guarantee you: America to intervene in the conflict will not. The maximum it will deliver arms and equipment from Congress.

«And the rest, beautiful Marquise, all is well, all Ho-ro-sho…»