A new campaign on GoFundMe: raising money for the stairs through the wall of trump

The writer from Texas announced on GoFundMe fundraising on the stairs, on which migrants can cross the proverbial wall of trump on the border with Mexico.

Page on the crowdfunding platform Charlotte Clymer created in response to the campaign «We, the people, will Fund the wall», during which for several days has raised more than $11.5 million

Case Clymer also goes by the morning of Friday, December 21, her page has raised $71 million with the ultimate goal of $100 million.

Here’s how his campaign has described herself Charlotte Clymer.

«We see that people are raising money for the boundary wall not to let our brothers and sisters migrants, who have fled to the United States from violence and persecution and who, alas, low-paid labor necessary for the U.S. economy.»

The author of the page adds: «Although at the rate of $1.7 million per day, «Foundation walls» will take about 35 years to collect $21.7 billion, which, according to the Ministry of internal security trump the need for constructing this wall, we still want to help our friends the illegals.»

If the goal is not reached, all funds collected will be transferred to the Center for education and legal services for refugees and immigrants (RAICES), said the initiator of the «ladder» campaign.

We will remind, «We, the people, will Fund the wall» created on Sunday, veteran of the air force USA Brian Kolfage, who lost in 2004 in Iraq, both legs and an arm.

«The Americans should support and participate in this project. If each of the 63 million who voted for trump will give $80, we can build a wall,» reads the website of Colpege.

According to the author of the platform, they contacted the property to trump and they have already contacts «very high level».