Resigned U.S. representative in the coalition against ISIS

The U.S. representative to the Global coalition against ISIS Brett Mcgurk announced his resignation after the word trump on the upcoming withdrawal of American troops from Syria.

Resigned U.S. representative in the coalition against ISIS

The plan Mcgurk had to vacate his post in February 2019. However, it is reported, wrote a letter to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s strong disagreement with the withdrawal of military forces from Syria, and asked for the resignation. Allegedly, Brett Mcgurk was forced to feel uncomfortable in relation to the U.S. allies the war against ISIS. In many respects he has built a trusting and friendly US relations with the Kurdish groups in Syria who now may become the next victim of a terrorist state.

Just a few days before the statements of Donald trump on Syria, Brett Mcgurk spoke to journalists, assuring them and the allies that us forces leave the region: «it Is fair to say that the Americans will remain here after the defeat of the Caliphate, until we have local forces capable of guaranteeing that this defeat will be long. It would be foolhardy to simply say that the Caliphate had already conquered, and we can therefore leave now. I think anyone who knows the conflict will agree with it.»

The other day, presumably also because of disagreement with the policy of trump in Syria, gathered in resignation the Minister of defence James Mattis. These differences may have influenced the departure from the White house, John Kelly.

45-year-old diplomat was represented WA in the Global coalition in 2015, before that in various posts for a long time worked in the Middle East. Was born in Professor’s family in Pittsburgh, graduated with honors from the University of Connecticut.

I left a small freshmen dorm room one night in 1991 to meet then President Bush. It changed my life, opening a larger world and a call to public service. Many of my generation have similar stories. All we can say is thank you. #RIPGHWB #RIP41

— Brett McGurk (@brett_mcgurk) December 1, 2018