The Taliban are celebrating the news of a possible US withdrawal from Afghanistan

«17-year-old struggle and sacrifices of thousands of our people have finally borne fruit. We proved to the world that defeated the self-proclaimed lone superpower of the world» — shared his joy with NBC field commander of the Taliban in the Afghan province of Helmand.

Trump’s newest fans include this unusual cheering the President of the United States of America, by the Taliban. They seem to think America is great again … bet they d love some red hats.#TrumpShutdown

— John Moffitt (@JohnRMoffitt) December 22, 2018

As reported today by NBC News, in the Afghan cities loyal to the Taliban, the residents celebrate their victory over the United States. So they took the news that Donald trump is willing to discuss the military options the us withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Tens of #Taliban fighters gratuated from training camp in one of northern provinces, where the mountains are covered by snows. #AFG

— زلمی افغان (@Zulmai_Afghan) December 19, 2018

«We are close to their goal,» says reporters a different commander, who on condition of anonymity, said that all field commanders of the military command of the Taliban was ordered to prepare for the offensive to capture four strategic province before January, when is scheduled the next round of talks between USA and Taliban.

Taliban «Sniper», (Probably from Red Units) again with cheap Chinese scope, cheap Chinese railed dust cover, and cheap Chinese furniture, on a very used AKM.

Not to mention the camo 😏, should call them the AliExpress Brigades at this point

📸 @Natsecjeff

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The leader of the Taliban in Kunar province, Maulvi Sher Mohammad said the news of the withdrawal of troops should serve as a lesson for Americans: «the American People, and especially his rulers, to think about what they have achieved by invading Afghanistan and causing so many losses to the citizens of Afghanistan and spending their own resources to this long war,» he said.

It should be noted that the decision to withdraw is still pending, trump just said he wants to explore different options, including the significant reduction in contingent or complete withdrawal of the troops.

#Pakistan brokered peace talks with the Afghan Taliban, enabled the #UnitedStates to withdraw over 7000 US troops from #Afghanistan.

— Shahid Raza (@schaheid) December 21, 2018

American troops landed in Afghanistan in 2001, the year after an attack by Taliban ally Osama bin Laden on new York 9.11. Then, many skeptics did not believe in the success of the United States, Recalling the failure of the region’s military invasion of the Soviet Union, and before that of Britain. However, US troops, surprisingly, got a lot, but were unable in the end to establish full control over the territory of Afghanistan. The ensuing years of grueling counterinsurgency war did not bring political success to the inhabitants of the White house, but took away the lives of soldiers and officers. Once US troops have deduced from the country President Obama, but soon enough the U.S. military had to go back. In the absence of real power, the Taliban too quickly capturing the territory and return control over the region. Now the NATO contingent in Afghanistan is about 13 thousand soldiers, of which almost 10 thousand American soldiers and officers.