Angelina Jolie is ready to go into politics to help the refugees and women

Hollywood actress, Director and goodwill Ambassador UN refugee 43-year-old Angelina Jolie has hinted that she doesn’t rule out a political career in the future.

«If you’d asked me 20 years ago I would have laughed, said celebrity in an interview with British broadcaster BBC. – I always say that I’ll be where I’m needed. I don’t know if in politics… But I was joking, I don’t know about that, if I have skeletons in the closet.»

According to Jolie, her work with the UN and other organizations allowed «to do much without a title». Besides, says the actress, even now it can work with governments, the military and government organizations.

«I’m in quite an interesting position that allows you to do a lot, not concentrating attention on themselves or their views. So while I’ll stay quiet,» said Angelina.

When presenter Justin Webb suggested that Jolie could try their hand in the presidential race from the democratic party, she replied «thank you» without saying «no.»

Will Angelina Jolie run for president one day? She says she can «get a lot done without a title» so «will stay quiet for now» #r4today

— BBC Radio 4 Today (@BBCr4today) December 28, 2018

In recent years, Jolie has visited a large number of refugee camps, and has expanded its international efforts for the protection of women, working with NATO and governments to stop the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

According to her, given the fact that in the world of 68.5 million refugees, more needs to be done to support them and host communities in developing countries.

«We ask the question: what happens to these people? Why is this happening? How come so many people homeless, what are the reasons?», said Jolie.

In December, members of the United Nations signed an agreement (Global Compact on Refugees), aimed at protecting the rights of refugees around the world. Voted 181 country, opposed by only the US and Hungary.

«[The refugees] should not be anybody’s headache. We need our leaders sought to balance» — says Jolie.