The end of the year | How do we remember 2018

At the end of the year it is accepted to sum up. To think about what you might think, not to repeat mistakes in the future. Seriously, if after five years you will be asked, as there was in 2018 that first comes to mind?

I would put in first place intermediate Congressional elections. For a year the Americans were preparing for the blue or red wavelength, to some closer. The predicted tsunami never happened, but Democrats and Republicans have fought over every seat of the Governor and the Congressman’s quite hard, fought to the last, believed and counted votes. The impression from the race slightly spoiled the finish from the process Cavanaugh, in which nobody won. Although disappointment with the result of varying degrees of severity experienced in the end, both parties, yet both are to be congratulated. At least with the fact that Congress is now less similar to a luxury club for white boys and more resembles the America that was created by immigrants from different countries.

Three shutdown for a year since the shutdown started and they finished policy intractable. The wall crashed trump hopes to sign the budget in December. Total trump on account 3 closing the government, and concessions like he has no plans to go. Promised long vacation Federal employees and there is a suspicion that this promise too will perform.

It was horrible to think that every year the United States leads a mournful account of victims of mass shootings, even worse when children are dying. This year, a sad record in school Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, FL — 17 victims. It’s more than the bloody Columbine. Then a school in Santa Fe 10. A surge of aggression and violence continued in June with the murder of the journalists in the editorial of the newspaper the Capital in Annapolis — 5 victims. Another unnecessary American record, which brought the United States to the list of countries where journalists are killed. In October, the most massive act of anti-Semitism — 11 dead in Pittsburgh synagogue. And 13 people were killed near Los Angeles in Borderline Bar and Grill in November. The sad tradition: after each execution to raise the issue of weapons, a little poke pins in the NRA and to postpone the decision until the next Messalina. Although this year has been made obvious progress with a ban on rolling stock, and local authorities began to actively write Billy about additional checks for gun owners.

The element this year also set records. The eruption of Kilauea volcano destroyed 700 homes. The hurricane season brought on the West coast, Florence, and Michael, which hit North Carolina and Florida. But worst of all was this year, November’s wildfires in California. 91 people died, 1 thousand is considered missing. The whole city was razed to the ground, people left their homes and fled in panic.

And in 2018 we lost a lot of famous Americans: the brilliant soul singer Aretha Franklin, the father of marvel Stan Lee, a Republican, who was the honor and conscience of the party — McCain, former President Bush and his indomitable wife, Barbara Bush.

It was a really long, complicated and nerve-wracking. But we are ready by 2019-mu.