Elizabeth Warren plans to participate in the presidential election of 2020

«In our country, if you work hard and follow the rules, you deserve the opportunity to take care of myself and those I love. This right is inherent in the Foundation of the United States. And it should be for everyone».

Elizabeth Warren

Monday, 31 December, Senator Elizabeth Warren announced the creation of the research Committee for the presidential election in 2020, becoming the first candidate to officially announce your intention to run.

«Today our democracy poisons corruption. — said Warren in a video message on his official YouTube channel — Politicians prefer to look the other way when big insurance companies deny Americans help when the big banks fleecing their customers, and large oil companies destroying the planet. Our government should work for our benefit, but instead cares only about those who have money and connections».

«We don’t have to go that route. — added the Senator planning his campaign to focus on the needs of the middle class, Our democracy and economy can work for all Americans. Where in the US you lived and where was your family, you deserve the chance. Because, in spite of our differences, we all want one thing: to work, to follow the rules that are common to all, and take care of loved ones. For the America I’m fighting».

Warren, a member of the progressive wing of the democratic party, Senator from Massachusetts and former Professor of law, has focused on a political career after the economic crisis of 2008. She is known for her criticism of major corporations and the struggle for the rights of consumers. In particular, Senator the idea of creating a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, established by the Obama administration in 2011.

According to the December study conducted by CNN, Des Moines Register and Mediacom in Iowa, Warren as a potential democratic candidate, to date, supports 8% of voters. The Senator conceded Beto O’rourke (11%), Bernie Sanders (19%) and absolute leader in the vote — the former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden (32%).