Members of Congress gathered «trash trump» on the beaches of San Francisco

Because of the shutdown, many national parks and beaches of San Francisco were left without staff. This has led to the closure of kings Canyon, Redwoods, some areas of Yosemite and other parks, as they filled the garbage that no one remove. To do this we have volunteers and public works crews.

On Saturday, January 5, members of Congress Jackie Speyer and Jared Huffman joined the volunteers and collected debris on ocean beach, and lends End, oblivious to the heavy rain and strong wind.

Picking up trash with @RepHuffman at Lands End because furloughed National Park workers can’t work because of #TrumpShutdown. Open the government!

— Jackie Speier (@RepSpeier) January 5, 2019

Speyer and Huffman collected garbage from the lance End in two containers labeled «Trash trump». They said they plan to bring the debris to Washington and throw him in the White house.

It’s time to end the @POTUS political stunt and get to work for the American people. #TrumpShutdown

— Jackie Speier (@RepSpeier) January 6, 2019

Speyer described the situation as a political stunt, the same as the actions of trump. But Huffman said that it is not. According to him, it’s not a trick, because the garbage is piling up across the country because of what the President did, so his actions have serious consequences.

.#TrumpShutdown is literally causing trash to pile up in our #nationalparks. Glad to join @RepSpeier yesterday in doing our small part to pick up #[email protected] callous must end this shutdown now #protectourparks

— Rep. Jared Huffman (@RepHuffman) January 6, 2019