Young Muslims took to clean up in public areas

Ahmadiya Muslim youth organization brought dozens of supporters to the streets, squares and parks — to support the Government of the United States, until it closed on shutdown. The young people came with supplies and cleaned the Everglades National Park Florida National Park Joshua, California, Cuyahoga in Ohio, as well as in several public areas of Philadelphia.

Members of @MuslimYouthUSA fan out on @INDEPENDENCENHP to pick up trash during the partial government shutdown. The @KYWNewsradio

— John McDevitt (@JM1060) January 5, 2019

Left young Muslims and to the National Mall in Washington. It was Saturday, it was pouring rain, but that did not stop the work. Cleaned clean. The protesters said that if the shutdown continues, they will come to clean again and again — as needed. To work joined not only members of the organization, but simply people who did not want to leave the parks dirty. Gathering wishing to walk in the rain through the parks and squares with a rake and a garbage bag behind the back was conducted in social networks.

Government Shutdown? We’ll clean up. We met at Cuyahoga National Park today to help maintain our beautiful park. #WhatMuslimsDo #MuslimYouth #GovShutdown

— AMYA Cleveland (@MKA_Cleveland) January 6, 2019

«We are not here just to constantly talk about Islam, — explained the press-Secretary of the movement Salam Bhatti. — We are here to become part of America.»

More than a dozen young men with @MuslimYouthUSA are cleaning up Independence Mall today in pouring rain. They say they are doing their part in helping amid government shutdown.

— Claudia Vargas (@InqCVargas) January 5, 2019

«Service to our nation and cleanliness are important parts of Islam, says the President of the Ahmadiya Muslim youth organizations to Madeleine Abdullah. We could not sit idly by while our national parks are filled with garbage. We will lead by example and dispose of this garbage properly and to invite all Americans to join us in these parks and others across the country.»