New Congresswoman Cathy hill discussed the shutdown with residents of California

On 6 January at its first town meeting as a member of Congress Kathy hill opposed the shutdown and a wall on the border with Mexico.

In the Hall of trade unions of Palmdale gathered about 150 people. Residents asked the new Congresswoman on the functions of the government affected by the shutdown, including assistance to veterans, social security, and fire safety in California.

Some participants of the meeting supported the idea of trump as «millions of immigrants illegally enter the U.S. and take jobs from local residents.» But most in attendance did not seem to share this view. Hill also said that, according to research by economists, «this is just not true.»

The hardest shutdown has civil servants who for a long time remain without work, said a member of Congress. It was supported by the mayor of Palmdale Steven D. Hofbauer and Union leaders, civil servants and prison officers, and the Association for the protection of national parks.

Hill believes that the only way to end the shutdown is to call the Senate and the White house to support the Parliament decision on the budget, which includes funding for the wall of trump. Congresswoman supports funding for border security, but said the idea of the President ineffective.

«We need to put pressure on the Senate!» — emphatically said hill.

We held a town hall three days after taking office because people are hurting, scared and uncertain about what’s to come. Check out my post-event download here👇🏼, including updates on the #TrumpShutdown and what’s next for workers and families in #CA25.

— Katie Hill (@KatieHill4CA) January 7, 2019