The government shutdown: who is affected most of all

Due to the fact that the White house and the Senate have not found a common language, and midnight on 22 December, the U.S. suspended the work of a quarter of the state institutions and about 800 thousand officials. The stumbling block was the desire of the President to amend the budget of $5.7 billion for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, to which the Senate objected.

In the end, the issue was the future not only of the wall.

Mothers and children

Mother with low income and their children can receive food assistance. One of the consequences of the shutdown was the suspension of funding of certain food programs administered by the Department of agriculture. In particular, a Special supplementary feeding programme for women, infants and children (WIC) that provides assistance to more than 7 million people with low income and their children.


Hurt some scientific experiments. Many scientists had to suspend work at Federal research agencies, and now the results of their experiments will come to naught. NASA, national science Foundation, the Agency for environmental protection, the national Association of oceanic and atmospheric research and the Ministry of agriculture — this is a partial list of agencies who may be left with nothing.

Native Americans

About 1.9 million indigenous people of the mainland and Alaska receive funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, administered by the Ministry of the interior. Expenses tribe of Chippewa Indians in Michigan make $100 thousand a day. While there is no funding from the state, the tribe spends its money.

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Immigration courts

The lack of funding directly interfere with immigration policy. More than 300 judges of the immigration courts was sent on leave, and this means that many immigration courts closed and many cases were postponed indefinitely.


Even the closed offices responsible for issuing marriage certificates. For example, can’t tie the knot, some couples in Washington (DC).


Among the affected Federal agencies — Bureau of tax and trade alcohol and tobacco, regulate the production of alcoholic beverages. Before you begin, Breweries must obtain a permit to issue which is no one.

Consumers have also felt the negative effect: for the production of new Beers they also must approve of the Bureau.

National parks

Across the country were closed at least 70 national parks. Some continue to work, but have serious problems due to the accumulation of garbage and overcrowded toilets.


The Smithsonian national zoo in Washington closed the program broadcast, which allows people to watch 3 pandas. The researchers used cameras to collect data about the behavior of this trio. Typically, the Panda’s stream was the clock, but in the current circumstances to Finance its considered inappropriate. Camera, allows you to follow the life of an elephant and a lion at the zoo, was also disabled.