Roskomnadzor has accused Russian service BBC «broadcast ideological» extremists

On 10 January Roskomnadzor has accused the British Corporation BBC in Russia that its media resources to broadcast the ideology of the terrorists. Verification of the content published on Internet sites, among them BBC Russia.

«At the moment, identified the materials, translating the ideological orientation of international terrorist organizations (quotes of the terrorist al-Baghdadi). Examination is conducted for compliance of these materials with the standards of Russian anti-extremist legislation», — reads the statement of the Russian Agency. In what context was published discovered that quotations are not reported.

Roskomnadzor also announced that from 14 to 31 January will test the organization’s «British television«broadcasting in Russia BBC World News, for compliance with the «licensing and mandatory requirements in the field of broadcasting».

On 9 January she has sent a request for documentation confirming «compliance of the media law on the limitation of direct or indirect control of the Russian media by foreign organizations.» «British television» should provide the necessary documents until January 16, 2019.

The official representative of the BBC in response to accusations by the Russian Agency reported that the British broadcasting Corporation did not violate the legislation of the Russian Federation about extremism and always work in accordance with the laws of the countries in which it broadcasts.

«As an international broadcaster, bi-Bi-si operates in accordance with the laws of each country broadcasting, including Russia. We are always ready to provide additional information about how we cover certain events, in the event we the representatives of the relevant Supervisory authorities», — said the press-Secretary of the Corporation.

Roskomnadzor decided to check the channel «BBC World News» broadcast on the territory of the Russian Federation and Internet resources BBC after December 2018 the British regulator Ofcom has recognized the RT TV channel guilty of violating the rules of impartiality and objectivity during coverage in the UK news related to the poisoning of ex-spy Skripal.