The Democrats are the centrists pushed progressives from committees in Congress

Some disappointment may have been supporters of progressive Democrats winning seats in Congress in the last election and influenced formed the democratic majority in the House. The allocation of seats in the committees, their effect has not increased in comparison with the previous composition of Congress. Most won centrists.

The Democrats are the centrists pushed progressives from committees in CongressThe Democrats of the progressive wing were not included in the monetary committees of the new Congress

In the tax Committee (ways and means) would work, for example, Ro Khanna from California, Pramila Jayapal from Washington and Ocasio-Cortez from new York. This is a key Committee, which is helpful for advancement in life of green and social projects, which came from young progressives in Congress. Ocasio-Cortez believed that having won the elections, former member of the tax Committee Joe Crowley from new York, she logically needs to take his place. But fate in the person of Nancy Pelosi decided otherwise — and none of the three of this Committee were not included.

While the declared place is not all committees and chairs around in the less important offices is the intrigue. The media, relying on the insider reported that Ocasio-Cortez will probably get a place on the Finance Committee. No clear signals on the future place of Ro Hannah. But the near future Pramila Jayapal almost known — it remains the judicial Committee, where he will continue the legal battle with trump.

In the approved part of the «money committees» in the end, the striking strengthen the position of Democrats-centrists. Along with the introduction of PAYGO rules, this may mean that Nancy Pelosi is preparing to conduct a conservative economic policy, to refrain from excessive stress on the budget and to maintain the stability of the financial system. Mean, green and social projects of young progressives with a high probability can be delayed. Although under President trump and the Republican Senate, they probably would be postponed…

Media have noted great success in the distribution of seats in the «money committees», which have achieved the Blue Dog (a Blue Dog). It is the Democrats that are closely related to Wall Street. They got 4 seats in the three approved committees, and continue to hope for a place in the other. Their ancestral lands — the Finance Committee — it’s hard to tell if they will join Ocasio-Cortez, what would it be for the team.