The current shutdown was the longest in U.S. history

The government shutdown lasted for 22 days, thus it has become the longest in U.S. history, breaking the record of the shutdown in 1996 when bill Clinton.

Donald trump and Congress continue the debate on the financing of the construction of a wall on the border of USA and Mexico, which was one of the main promises of the President during the election campaign.

This week, negotiations have stalled after a tense meeting in the White house with the leaders of the Democrats – a minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer and the newly elected speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi. On Twitter, trump called the meeting a «waste of time». Earlier, the President said that the shutdown may be delayed for a year.

In connection with the partial government shutdown affected almost 800 thousand Federal workers. Some of them were forced to go on unpaid leave, and more than half – to 420 million – are required to work without pay.

Here are the specific changes that have occurred in connection with the shutdown:

  • From January 11, FBI agents began to work without pay;
  • Management under the control over products and medicines (FDA) has reduced the number of inspections of food supply in the United States;
  • Program benefits SNAP (food stamps) will be fully canceled, but, according to the us Department of agriculture (USDA), they will act until February.
  • Thousands of secret service agents are working without pay.
  • Air traffic controllers for the first time haven’t received their pachachi 10 Jan.
  • Employees of the transportation security Administration TSA left without salaries due to shut down, EN masse register hospital.
  • The border patrol agents are still working, but without pay. In this regard, some officers filed a lawsuit against the administration.
  • Employers cannot use the Federal E-Verify for verification of legal stay of their employees in the United States.
  • 19 Smithsonian museums in the Washington area were closed.
  • The national zoo is also closed. About animals still care workers who are not paid, and the popular webcast of the enclosure with the pandas was disabled.
  • The national Park service uses the money for future projects, not to close some parks.

The question is, whether subsidies for low-income families. This month, the Department of housing and urban development (HUD) announced that 1150 contracts with landlords has already expired, expire for another 500 in January and 500 in February. According to HUD, during previous closures of the government none of the apartments were not evacuated.