GoFundMe has collected on the wall of the trump $20 million

Brian Kolfage who initiated the fundraising with volunteers on the construction of the Wall of the tramp, faced with a legal problem, and found that collected on the GoFundMe funds may not be transferred to the government. Kolfage decided to direct funds to non-profit organizations, so she hired builders. In the media issued a statement GoFundMe that change the direction of money on the go — not according to the rules, and the collected funds returned to the donors. They tweeted Kolfage charges of fraud. Bryan himself Kolfage says that all this is fake, and fundraising continues.

Remember the veteran who started the GoFundMe for the border wall? Turns out Brian Kolfage (that’s his name) in 2015 launched a GoFundMe that raised $16,246 under the premise that the money would go to a veteran mentorship program but instead that money went directly to himself. pic.twitter.com/DFcLmDd1ud

— Justin Manford (@Manf0712) January 11, 2019

Air force veteran, became disabled because of wounds in the middle East, Brian Kolfage decided to help the Trump and the country and to raise the necessary funds for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico on GoFundMe. His post has gained huge attention and huge donations. Collected more than $20 million from 330 thousand people. Initially it was not clear how Kolfage going to then submit the collected funds to the state budget. On Friday it became clear that Kolfage it is also not clear. He found a way to create a non-commercial structure «We build the wall», which will be able to transfer the donations. In his post he made an update:

«Our team spent countless hours during the holidays, considering all the issues associated with the construction of the South boundary wall. We all unanimously came to the conclusion that:
— The Federal government will not be able to accept our donations in the near future.
— We are better than our government, and will be better able to use the donated funds for the construction of a real wall on the southern border.
Our highly skilled team is confident that we will be able to perform significant sections of wall in less time and for much less money than the Federal government, in compliance with or exceeding all required regulatory, technical and environmental requirements.»

ABC News issued in this regard, the words of Bobby Withorn, Director North America Communications at GoFundMe: «there have Been changes in the use of the funds. When the campaign was created, the organizer of the campaign specifically stated on the campaign page: «If we reach our goal or not will come much closer, we will refund every penny». He also stated on the campaign page: «100% of your donation will go to the Wall trump. If for ANY reason we do not reach our goal, we will refund your donations». The media is misleading, GoFundMe stop the collection and returns the collected funds. Supposedly, they will be informed about the project «We build the wall» and opportunities to donate to him, but this is another story.

However, Brian Kolfage made on Twitter and GoFundMe refuted this information, stating that the collection continues, the money will not be returned.

DO NOT BELIEVE the FAKE NEWS! The Gofundme campaign is NOT cancelled, It’s still going, and… https://t.co/JwJfjoeHzJ

— Brian Kolfage (@BrianKolfage) January 12, 2019

The Saturday evening post Kolfage on GoFundMe remains a work and gathering continues.