Congress has in the case of shutdown not to pay salaries to the President and Congress

The U.S. Congress introduced a bipartisan bill that secures the payment of salaries of the President, Vice-President and members of Congress during the shutdown. The project was prepared under the impression of the past of closing the Government, as and when trump threatens to repeat the shutdown may soon.

Congress has in the case of shutdown not to pay salaries to the President and CongressWith trump will keep the salary, again, if he will announce the shutdown

Proponents of the law — the congressmen Jared Golden, Dan Crenshaw and Max rose. If the project is accepted, the salary of the political elite will remain in escrow during the shutdown and be paid after the opening of the government.

«Our bill, the Law of solidarity in wages, withhold salaries from members of Congress, the President and Vice-President during the closing. This law will help to prevent the American people became a political pawn for the party leaders, and will help to return sanity to the task of financing the government. Federal employees should never bear the burden caused by dysfunctional government… Only in this ruined city, like Washington, you still pay when you’re not doing your job», — reads the statement of the initiators of the law.

During the last shutdown more than 800,000 Federal employees have been put on the brink of survival due to non-receipt of wages. According to CBO, in General, the American economy lost $11 billion due to the shutdown, which lasted more than a month.

Earlier, the head of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer and the head of the Republican Rob Portman has already expressed that would support such a bill.