True or false. What I said about the US, Dmitry Kiselev in an interview with the Dude

After a 2-month break, Yuri Dude who recently called the chief interviewer of Russia, finally «pleased» with the audience the new release of its show «wdwd». This time the hero is a man-meme, advocate, host of «Vesti Nedeli» on the channel «Russia», the General Director of Agency «Russia today» Dmitry Kiselev.

Interview long — an hour and forty minutes. And despite the fact that for the first two days it has garnered about 4 million hits, not all fans new it looked. The other portion of the usual audience Dude lost the desire to watch an interview only after several minutes of viewing. Media has made this conversation bit by bit, highlighting the most important quotes.

It makes no sense to repeat the work of colleagues. I just checked the veracity of the statements Kiseleva about America.

«In America, about patriotism, say more, than in Russia»

«In America, about patriotism, say more, than in Russia. There in every house hangs an American flag. We have no such», — said Kiselev.

According to the annual survey of 2018, conducted by Gallup, which since 1935 has been studying public opinion, 47% of Americans said they were «extremely proud» of his country — a record low since 2003, when the figure was 70%. In total 72% of respondents said that they are extremely or very proud that they are Americans — which is also the lowest level since the beginning of zero.

In Russia the situation is diametrically opposite. According to the results of a poll of»Levada-center»carried out at the end of 2017, 83% of Russians are proud to live in Russia. And this is the highest figure for all years of measurements! Based on these data, the Russians tend to talk more about patriotism to his country, than the Americans. Whether the rights Kiselev, saying that in the US, about patriotism, say more than in Russia? We believe that there is.

True or false. What I said about the US, Dmitry Kiselev in an interview with the DudeOne of the most famous memes with Dmitry Kiselyov»Cuba from us have not turned away»

Kiselev claimed that the us Embassy is a «nest of vipers, which will work against them.»

During the cold war Cuba really was the main ally of the Soviet Union in the Western hemisphere, «unsinkable Soviet aircraft carrier off the coast of the United States.» After the Soviet Union became an ally and Russia. In 2014, Moscow has written off Havana’s public debt of $32 billion accumulated by the island government even before the Soviet Union.

Some facts of the chronology of the following events:

  • 20, 2015 diplomatic relations of Cuba and the United States were restored by presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama.

  • August 4, 2015 U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry arrived in Cuba to raise the U.S. flag over the American Embassy in Havana.

  • March 20, 2016, President Barack Obama visited Cuba a two-day visit that was the first official visit of the head of the White house since 1928.

  • In 2017 for the first time after a 55-year hiatus, resumed regular passenger flights between the U.S. and Cuba.

The changes have become so significant event in history that there is even a special concept that represents a new stage in the development of Cuban-American relations, is «the Cuban thaw».

Still it’s hard to deny that when the trump situation is a little complicated. This was due, largely, with a mysterious sound attack on American diplomats, who have severe headaches, partial hearing loss and vision problems. In September 2018, US intelligence agencies said that these attacks is Russia. In addition, trump for another year extended the embargo to Cuba.

Kiselev was not mistaken, saying that Cuba has indeed supported the position of Russia during the coup in Venezuela. In General, a neighborhood with America, the country remains an ally of Russia, but relations between the U.S. and Cuba will still go up.

As a minimum, the number of American tourists to Cuba increased significantly! In 2015, 162 thousand Americans visited Liberty Island, in 2016, they already had 284 thousand, and in 2017 — 618 thousand In the whole Cuban-American relations, though very slowly, but still evolving. But Kiselyov’s statement that the Cubans are «burned» by opening a U.S. Embassy in Havana, in no way corresponds to reality.

«They are forbidden to play jazz, not us»

Dmitry Kiselyov is the founder of the festival «Koktebel Jazz Party» which is held on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014. According to the journalist, United States politicize that event.

«They are forbidden to play jazz, not we,» said the presenter. Although, in fact, America does not prohibit anyone to perform at the jazz festival, showing off their creativity. According to the press service of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, Americans in General may not provide services on the territory of Crimea in connection with the sanctions adopted by the U.S. state Department against Russia for the seizure of part of Ukraine.

The jazz pianist and trumpeter Cuban-born Arturo Sandoval, which was mentioned in the radio interview, received from the US state Department’s warning letter on the application of sanctions in case of travel to the Crimea. Producer trumpeter Frank Vardaros then stated that they «can’t help it» as the actor faces a fine.

In this context, the statement Kiseleva banning America jazz is simply absurd because we are talking only about the ban on entry into the annexed territories, but not to a particular musical direction.

«My brother is a US citizen»

Kiselev told some details about his family. For example, the fact that his older brother Andrew got a green card and immigrated to the United States. According to the moderator, he works in healthcare and lives in Aurora (Colorado).

«Our relationship with the brother is broken, it is against Russia, unfortunately,» said Kiselyov, adding that the last time they saw your brother in 2015, when he came on the birthday of the mother.

While Kiselev notes that their relationship is not connected with politics, and the reason lies in family problems. To verify this fact is almost impossible. Broadcaster says little about the brother, and in social networks it is difficult to find a man named Andrey Kiselev living in Aurora. On LinkedIn there is only one user with such a name working in the field of health care in the United States.

But in the history of his nephew Sergey, the son of the elder brother, you can find more interesting facts.

«He lives in Germany, my nephew, the son of my American brother — says Kiselev. His son fought in the NPT on the side of militia. But now he is in prison in Germany. He went to the monastery, tonsured on mount Athos. From there went to Bulgaria for the monastic Affairs. Bulgarians arrested him. He is in prison for a very bad article for terrorism».

The Ministry of justice of Germany said Russian German TV channel OstWest that they do not have anyone named Sergey Kiselev, who was convicted for terrorism. According to media reports, Berlin never recognized the «DNR» and «LNR» terrorist organizations, so the nephew Kiselyov, who fought on the side of the insurgents, could not get under article «terrorism». This statement is 100% lie Kiselyov.

For the first time in the existence of the project «wdud» the video attracted 2 times more dislikes than likes. Many subscribers have criticized and Yury Duda, citing his lack of preparation (and Kiselev at the time of the interview said again 5-7) and the inability to pressurize the source. Here is one such review, which brought together 200 likes (punctuation and spelling retained):

«Yesterday, the Dude was sharp, independent punk interviewer with a bunch of likes, and today the jury in an interview with Kiselev looks pathetic and not trained journo not able to ask the right questions, or did not want it to do. Coincidence-I think not.»

True or false. What I said about the US, Dmitry Kiselev in an interview with the Dude

But despite the harsh criticism of the interviewer, the most negative comments addressed to Kiselev. «Coincidence — I think not.» A Russian journalist called the chief propagandist of Russia, and his statements are often far from the truth.