Trump has a 52% voter support — according to the Rasmussen poll

Rasmussen Reports has published today the results of a poll in which 52% of voters would support trump as President and approve of his policies. The trump responded on Twitter with delight that the highest levels of support in the spring of 2017, after which the rating of the current occupant of the White house stable was below 50%.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 11, 2019

«52% of likely U.S. voters approve of the job President trump. Disapprove — 47%… Latest figures include 39% who strongly approve of the work being done by trump, and 39% who strongly disapprove», — stated in the final certificate of survey.

Polls Rasmussen Reports conducted daily, and until recently, were not different from data of other sociological research centers. Now this poll — the only one who felt the rise of support for trump. His data began to talk about the growth of President’s rating from last week, February 8, topping over 50%. The other distinguished service continue to fix the level of support trump on the old level — below 50%: The Hill/HarrisX — 47%, Economist/YouGov, 42 per cent; the Reuters/Ipsos counted at all 38%.

Trump has a 52% voter support — according to the Rasmussen pollThe rating of trump rose to 52%

However, you cannot dismiss the numbers 52, as accidental. The level of confidence in these studies is high and is based on their clarity, transparency and scientific validity. Although Rasmussen may soon rebound down, but experts think it is possible, and Vice versa — the rest of the ratings go up, feeling the same support, and Rasmussen. If these numbers are real, you can, among other things, to reflect the rating Americans history with the shutdown — as a victory for trump over their opponents, or at least that voters like the way he behaved, compared to his opponents.