A third of respondents believe the image of Blackface is acceptable «in certain cases»

According to the survey Pew Research Poll, more than half of Americans believe the use of the image of Blackface is completely unacceptable (53%). About a third of respondents said that this image can be used sometimes, for example, on Halloween.

First @Prada showed their racism with blackface figurines, and now @gucci is joining in on showing their racism with a blackface sweater! Now Racists…racists forever! pic.twitter.com/1cXY1hv9Jc

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In a report published on the website of the Pew Research Poll, States that were interviewed people of different nationalities and age. According to these figures, white respondents are more loyal to the image as a joke — such 39%. At the same time, loyal to only 27% among persons under 30 years of age, and almost 40% among those older than 30. There are also differences related to education level. Calmly refer to Blackface, only 28% of whites having a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 44% of those without diplomas.

Only 19% of African Americans and 28% of Hispanics agree with the use of Blackface, at least on Halloween.

Identified differences in a scandalous way, and depending on political preferences: «About half of Republicans and those who lean toward the Republican party (51%) say it is acceptable, at least sometimes, while about a quarter (24%) say it is always acceptable; 37% of Republicans say it is rarely or never acceptable. On the contrary, most Democrats and supporters of democracy (67%) say that Blackface is unacceptable, and about half say it’s never acceptable; 21% of Democrats say it is always or sometimes acceptable.»

JUST IN: Northam vows to focus on remainder of term racial equity following the blackface scandal https://t.co/IbeW37aYcS pic.twitter.com/TuzxMKhX1x

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The survey was conducted from 22 January to 5 February — until then the scandal with the Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam, who obvinili that he was in his youth appeared on the scene and photographed in the image of Blackface and fashion house Gucci, which had to be removed from sales a wool sweater.