Sanders is the leader among candidates in fundraising. $6 million in the first 24 hours

Team Bernie Sanders declares that it has raised $6 million on the campaign in the first day, which is the highest result among all who have already announced participation in the presidential race. Until the end of the year, these figures are open to inspection will not, therefore, have to rely only on the information that the contestants decide to publish.

Sanders is the leader among candidates in fundraising. $6 million in the first 24 hours

Nearly $6 million was collected from 223 047 people in 50 States. The average fee is $27. In the last election in 2015, Sanders has collected in the first 24 hours only $1.5 million. it Seems that the Senator from Vermont learn to use social networks. Either he was very fond of the Internet users. Politico estimated that over the past two years in the networks of Facebook and Twitter posted more than a thousand of his videos.

In January, according to CBS, Senator Kamala Harris has raised about $1.5 million from 38 thousand people in all 50 States in the first 24 hours of its campaign. According to its representatives, the average donation is $37. This is still the first place in a kind of ranking at the fundraiser.

The other candidates can not yet boast of such results as Saunders and Harris, or announce the results of fees for the first 24 hours. CNN, with a link to ActBlue, says that Elizabeth Warren had raised about $299 thousand with the help of popular online platforms within 24 hours after the announcement of his campaign on the eve of the New year.

But the other candidates have their own personal Cresta. Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker have millions in accounts in the Senate. Gillibrand, for example, there is $10 million and Warren to $ 11mn.

Bernie Sanders, on whose account in the Senate there is $9 million, said donations politically the most important.

«The only way by which we will win in these elections is public support, which never happened in American history, writes Sanders in your message — others may Have money and power. We have the people.»