Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was hired as a Deputy press Secretary of the immigrant without papers, but under the protection of DACA

Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders added his election team as the new Deputy press Secretary — activist from Arizona, Belen Sisoy. As it turned out, 25-year-old girl can’t vote in the presidential election of 2020 for Sanders, as an immigrant without documents.

About your new job SIS personally announced on his page in Facebook.

«It’s really exciting for me. I can’t stop thinking about the 18-year-old belén, who felt hopeless and helpless because of anti-immigrant attacks and policies that prevented her dream — wrote new hire Sanders in the post of 26 Feb. Never in our wildest dreams we did not think that I will do such steps.»

Posted by Belen Sisa on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

«I’m ready to continue our fight to finish what we started and destroy the hateful and bigoted administration trump. Are you with me?!» — with these words ends her post.

In 2017 Sisa attracted national attention when her photo on which she paid taxes in attempt to counter the stereotypes about undocumented immigrants, received viral popularity.

«She’s so brave,’ said her mother, Isabel O’neil a local news station. — The validity of DACA over every day. Her term will expire next year, and what do we do with all this youth? Congress should pass a law about the dreamers».

In 2016 Sisa told the Arizona Republic that although she can’t vote but hopes that her activism will inspire others to support their candidate. First, the activist has expressed support for the Sanders, and after his refusal to participate in elections, she began to call to vote for Hillary Clinton.

«Despite the fact that I can’t vote, I can get 200 people to vote, and it matters, said Sisa, according to the Arizona Republic. — Everything can change depending on who becomes the next President. Our voice matters, and we are able to influence, even if they can’t vote.»