Pompeo called Lavrov, discussed Venezuela

On Saturday, a telephone conversation between U.S. Secretary of state Pompeo and Russian foreign Minister Lavrov. We agreed to continue expert contacts on Syria, Afghanistan and Korea. A large part of the conversation was paid to the situation in Venezuela.

Pompeo called Lavrov, discussed Venezuela

The foreign Ministry stressed in an official statement about the conversation that Sergei Lavrov insisted on strict compliance with the principles of the UN Charter, «because only the Venezuelans have the right to determine their future.» Moscow also condemned threats against Maduro and his entourage.

The US state Department has not yet commented on the conversation, but yesterday, Washington imposed a new package of sanctions against the Maduro environment. U.S. sanctions today, blocking any assets controlled by individuals in the United States, and prohibit the United States carry with them any business or financial transactions. Separate penalties apply to the Venezuelan security forces, while preserving loyalty to Maduro, and hindering the delivery of humanitarian assistance. «We authorize the members of the security forces, Maduro in response to reprehensible violence, tragic death and the burning of food and medicines for sick and starving Venezuelans,» said yesterday the Minister of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin.

Meanwhile, as stated in the official message on the official website of ICE in Houston charged two businessmen from Florida who are suspected of committing corrupt acts in partnership with PDVSA. According to the Prosecutor, they, along with top managers of the company, stole her money. For kickbacks Venezuelans gave the green light to these businessmen at the conclusion of new service contracts and turned a blind eye to violations.

Yesterday the Vice-President, Delcy Rodriguez, who visited Russia, has said it is ready Maduro to move from Lisbon to Moscow the office of the state Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. The company is now facing international sanctions and its placement in the Russian capital may help Maduro to maintain control over oil exports.

The situation in the Republic could escalate further on Monday. Juan Guido recognised the USA and many other countries, is the legitimate leader of Venezuela, after spending a week in travel to Latin America, gathering international support, said Friday that he intends to return to the country on Monday. It would be an act of direct disobedience Maduro, who claimed that Guido appear before the court if there is in Venezuela.