Trump «100% agree» leave US troops in Syria

President Donald trump sent a letter to Congress about the situation in Syria where his hand was signed by «100% agree» — with maintaining the US military presence in the country.

Trump «100% agree» leave US troops in SyriaTrump agreed to leave US troops in Syria

Only two months ago, trump stated about necessity of withdrawal of US troops from Syria, calling the war is over, and ISIS is defeated. This move exposed the White house strongly criticized by the military and diplomats who are confident that having received a respite, the terrorists will again take control of the territory, and the allies (the Kurds and the democratic Syrian opposition can be destroyed).

February 22, a bipartisan group of senators sent the White house a letter to Trump, in which insisted to leave Syria, at least some part of the military contingent. The senators received a response in which trump has allocated a marker of the passage «Like you, we strive to ensure that all advances in Syria has not been lost to ISIS never returned to Iran intensified, and that we combine our achievements and ensure the best outcome for American interests.» «I agree 100%. ALL done,» trump wrote directly on the letter. (A copy of the letter was available to NBC News).

#Syria «I Agree 100% ALL is Being DONe» #Trump we never had an idea of a deadline. I guess we do not know more today than we did yesterday!

— Greek Angeliki (@ellinidata) March 5, 2019

But now trump may be under fire from the other side. «American troops are in Afghanistan almost 18 years in Iraq since 2003 and Syria in 2015. The American people do not want endless war. Congress needs to reaffirm its constitutional authority over the use of force and the responsibility to stop these interventions,» wrote, for example, Twitter about the American involvement in wars outside the United States, presidential candidate Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders.

American troops have been in Afghanistan for nearly 18 years, Iraq since 2003 and in Syria since 2015.

The American people do not want endless war.

Congress must reassert its Constitutional authority over the use of force and responsibly end these interventions.

— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) March 4, 2019