American journalist Cody Weddle transported to the airport in Caracas

A US citizen Cody Weddle, a journalist working for ABC News, the Miami Herald and the British Daily Telegraph, after 12 hours in custody of the military counterintelligence of Venezuela taken to the airport in Caracas and handed over to local immigration authorities, who are preparing to have it shipped to the US.

#AlertaSNTP | Finalmente pudimos conversar con nuestro colega periodista Cody Weddle. Está bien. Está siendo deportado a EEUU y sale en un vuelo de American Airlines Thursday este a las 12 del mediodía.

Un periodista con cinco años en Venezuela, deportado por informar #6Mar

— SNTP (@sntpvenezuela) March 7, 2019

This was reported by the SNTP (national Union of press workers of Venezuela), Recalling the words of the mother of a journalist (he was allowed to call her). According to her Waddle was transferred to the international airport Simon Bolivar for deportation.

Wadl, which together with his assistant was arrested by counterintelligence, was taken by armed men from his home yesterday morning and all day not been out of contact. Demanding his immediate release was made by the democratic leader of the country Juan Guido: «We demand the release of American journalist Weddle Cody, who was kidnapped by the regime that usurps the function and unsuccessfully trying to hide the truth about what is happening in our country.» This demand is joined by Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States.

Exigimos la liberación del periodista estadounidense, Cody Weddle, quien fue secuestrado por un régimen que usurpa funciones e intenta sin éxito, esconder la verdad de lo que ocurre en nuestro país.

— Juan Guaidó (@jguaido) March 6, 2019

Local 10, which cooperates with Wadl, contacted him by phone when he was already at the airport. Simon Bolivar. He said he expects a flight to the USA. on interrogations in the military, he spent a total of 12 hours. Claims that he was not tortured and humiliated, but did not give food and water. «They were interested in the story I wrote about the current situation in the armed forces, told Weddel colleagues, a Little excited. I’m a little worried about his mother. As a journalist, it is not good to be a story, but that’s what happened.»

U. S. journalist Cody Weddle was arrested in Caracas on Wednesday morning along with a Venezuelan colleague, according to a Venezuelan press union.

— ABC News (@ABC) March 6, 2019

The situation in Venezuela remains tense due to the confrontation between democratic forces led by Juan Guido and socialist Nicolas Maduro. USA and most countries in Europe and Latin America recognized Guido legitimate interim President of the Republic, but Maduro support the military. Monday, Guido returned to the country, he picks up the rallies in their support and is preparing a nationwide strike.