Trump announced the parameters of the Budget of the United States 2020

The US President Donald trump has transmitted to Congress the draft Budget for 2020 by $ 4.7 trillion. The white house proposes to reduce spending by most Federal government agencies at $ 2.7 trillion, while increasing defense spending and includes $ 8.6 billion for the construction of a wall along the U.S. border and Mexico.

Trump announced the parameters of the Budget of the United States 2020

The budget aims to reduce deficits and debt over the next 10 years. «This budget will have more cuts than offered by any President in history» — quotes CNN of its source. Especially strongly affected service for the protection of the environment (-31% from this year’s budget), energy, transport and agriculture. EPA will get a reduction of 31 per cent compared with the level of funding in December, while the state will get a reduction of 23 per cent, and housing and urban development — 16 percent. Substantial cuts affect Medicaid, support for crop insurance and student loan.

«In the budget of the President of trump reiterated irresponsible and cynical vision of our country without taking into account its human costs», — said the Chairman of the Committee on budget, house of representatives, Democrat from Kentucky, John Yarmouth.

The budget includes, among other things, to reduce financing of the diplomatic service and to allocate more funds to the military. (You will also receive an increase in internal security and veterans Affairs). The army already stood up for diplomats: «Some military can’t provide security for our nation.» In a joint statement, prominent members of the generals, including David Petraeus, Anthony Zinni and James Stavridis urged Congress to protect funding for the State Department. Defense spending trump proposes to increase to $34 billion to $750 billion $500 million is also proposed to counter «the pernicious influence of Russia». Funds can be used to help Ukraine to strengthen security, protection of territorial integrity of other U.S. allies neighboring Russia, assistance to countries in refusing to buy Russian military equipment.

In the end, the document will still increase the Federal budget deficit to $ 1.1 trillion. The white house at this budget assumes that the U.S. economy will grow in the next decade, an average of 3.1% per year. This forecast is more optimistic than the International monetary Fund that assesses the prospects for U.S. economic growth at the level not higher than 2.5% per year.

The draft budget is not detailed, allowing politicians to fight for a separate article. However, perhaps the biggest controversy will be around the Wall and military assets out of which trump could Fund the Wall, if you do not receive the consent of Congress to direct spending.

In Congress for many skeptical comments about the prospects for the adoption of the Budget in this form. A Democrat in the appropriations Committee Nita Lowey says the document in Bloomberg: «President trump somehow managed to compile the budget request, even more untethered from reality than the last two years… the budget of the trump has no chances to receive the necessary bipartisan support to become law.» Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the draft Budget a brutal road map to all the weaker and poor America: «Americans deserve a Federal budget that works».

The #TrumpBudget is a cruel roadmap to a sicker, weaker America. Americans deserve a federal budget that works #ForThePeople!

— Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) March 11, 2019

The controversy around the budget for 2020 will inevitably be painted the pre-election interests. The project trump — in fact, in his election platform. The army and the Wall, his priorities. But Democrats favorite topics in medicine, social support, and climate reduced. For example, the National oceanic and atmospheric administration, which is responsible for monitoring weather systems and ocean temperatures, will receive a reduction in their funding with the recommended elimination of Sea grant, grant for coastal zone management and Pacific Foundation for the restoration of coastal salmon.

Opponents of the trump in the race to 2020, of course, try not to give him the Budget through Congress, and present campaign proposals.