Congress requires the DOJ to publish a Report Muller

Today the Congress by a majority of votes 420/0 voted to the results of the investigation Robert Mueller was published. To the Democrats, the supporters of this decision was joined by some Republicans.

Congress requires the DOJ to publish a Report Mullershutterstock

Critics of the decision — Republicans called it a waste of time, citing the fact that the openness of the investigation results already determined by the requirements of the Ministry of justice. Collins, the chief Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said the resolution «basically repeats the provisions that are currently» in the Ministry of justice and, in his view, the Bbl will be «true to his word» to do as much of the report public.

However, Democrats believe in the necessity of such a vote, given the position of attorney General William Barr, who has already declared that not undertakes to publish all the materials but only partially. «Voting for this resolution would send a clear signal to the American people and the Ministry of justice that Congress believes transparency is a fundamental principle necessary to ensure that the government remains accountable to the public», — said the Chairman of the Legal Committee of Congress Jerry Nadler.

In the end, the Resolution recognizes the only acceptable exceptions to publication materials which have the secret information, as well as information about the sources and methods of work of the national security services. Four Republican (Justin Amash, Matt Getz, Paul Gosar and Thomas Massey) has publicly supported the release of the report on Muller in view of the huge public interest in it.

Jerry Nadler on Thursday threatened to issue a subpoena to Mueller for the report, if Barr does not present the text of the report to Congress and the public. He said that the policy of the Ministry of justice, according to which the current President cannot be indicted, would mean «concealment» of the alleged misconduct of trump, if Congress is not able to see the underlying evidence contained in the report of Muller.