Deripaska filed a lawsuit in U.S. court to have it lifted sanctions and is no longer called an oligarch

Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, the Creator of the aluminum Corporation RUSAL, has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Treasury, Secretary Stephen Mnuchin and the Office of foreign assets control (OFAC) in the U.S. District court, district of Columbia (Washington). The Russian believes that he imposed unjust sanctions, because of which he lost $7.5 billion (81% of his fortune), and they hurt his business reputation.

Deripaska filed a lawsuit in U.S. court to have it lifted sanctions and is no longer called an oligarch

Rejecting the allegations of links with the Russian authorities, Deripaska considers sanctions imposed on it are illegal, and requires him to withdraw from the sanctions list and to stop calling oligarch. The petition States that the nominated officials of the United States against Deripaska «the charges are not that other, as a false and unsubstantiated rumors, and come from defamatory attacks by its business competitors.»

Interestingly, the lawsuit was filed immediately after RUSAL was put under US sanctions in the framework of the agreement reached previously between the Ministry of Finance and the company. Deripaska gave up his share in it, passing other structures. How to understand today’s step Russian businessman American officials have not yet commented.

(1/3) I have filed a civil complaint against Treasury and OFAC to clear my name and remove the sanctions that have been arbitrarily imposed on me for political reasons. I am not seeking damages or compensation. It is about justice.

— Oleg Deripaska (@DeripaskaOleg) March 15, 2019

Deripaska is a major player not only in the aluminium market, but in banking, construction, air transport and agriculture sectors. Doing business of this magnitude, it will be difficult to deny in court communications with the Russian authorities and Putin’s entourage. However, Deripaska believes that there is a chance, said today «Izvestia» that «the American courts are objective enough to confirm the injustice and lack of proof imposed on him restrictions…».

«I spent 30 years of his life to the creation of companies, who are major players in the global economy, and will not allow political intrigues destroyed this hard work. I’m not looking for damages or compensation. It’s about justice,» the businessman said in his Twitter.