Prosecutors in new York are conducting their own investigation against trump and can be more dangerous than Muller

The attorney General of new York Letitia James has issued subpoenas to several companies, credited at different times by different business projects of Donald trump, including Deutsche Bank AG, in the framework of a comprehensive study of business relations of the President. At the same time of the Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. accused Paul Manafort, counsel to trump, in the list of crimes committed in the state of new York. These investigations and possible future charges may not be less dangerous for the White house than the case of Robert Mueller as the President of the United States will not be able to influence them.

Prosecutors in new York are conducting their own investigation against trump and can be more dangerous than Muller

The threat of outside control

Law enforcement agencies of the state of new York, where trump has long established own business, begin civil and criminal investigations that are outside Federal control of the President. Bloomberg believes that this can lead to accusations of people from the inner circle of the President, including his children, in the crimes that he will not be able to challenge. They can also slow down of its business operations.

«These are things that he can’t control, says Mimi Rock, a former U.S. attorney in Manhattan. — It must be terrifying for him.» If trump has the ability to control Federal law enforcement agencies, the investigation in new York is beyond the scope of this power. Presidents can’t pardon those convicted of state crimes or to dismiss government officials who are investigating this. «The state is a separate sovereign state, says a former Federal Prosecutor Florida David Weinstein. — That’s the beauty of our system of federalism, and that created the founding fathers».

Fraud reporting, charity and slander

The biggest new York threatened by trump and his children at the moment is the investigation of in Manhattan trump organization, where they held senior positions. The attorney General of new York Letitia James called this week to court Investors Deutsche Bank and Bank for loans to real estate projects trump. The interest of the attorney caused the readings, which last month gave before Congress, Michael Cohen. He argued that the organization of the tramp was sometimes overstated the value of its assets in the financial statements to obtain loans or increase rates on insurance. Also, there is an investigation in relation to personal welfare Fund of trump, which, as suggested by the Prosecutor repeatedly violated state law by spending donated funds on legal costs for his business and political contributions. «I don’t see anything that the President could do to stop this process,» says criminal lawyer in Washington, Stephen Braga on the new investigation in the office of James.

Investigation in court of the state of new York, which is not related to his business and presidency, is the icing on the cake. The new York appeals Board on Thursday rejected the assertion of a tramp that he is the President immune from suit filed summer, Zervos, a former contestant of «the Apprentice,» which says that he lied, calling her a liar when she accused him of sexual assault.