A supporter of trump says that he was expelled from the cap MAGA, but maybe that’s not the whole story

In a viral video that became popular this weekend, is seen as a visitor in the cap with the inscription «Make America Great Again» («Make America great again») will be asked to leave the new York bar. He argues that it is in the cap, but the owner of the establishment calls a completely different reason.

USA.One already told about this incident, which occurred on March 6 at the sports bar Jake’s Dilemma. An ardent supporter of trump, 50-year-old conservative activist Dion Cini, who published the video social network, has filed a lawsuit against the institution. In turn, the bar owner Mitch Banchik contests the charges, he claims that the man was drunk, behaved noisily and said anti-Semitic insults. In addition, according to Banica, since the publication of the video they had received many threats, some of them were quite frightening.

This is not the first time Cheney is at the center of a scandal involving political discrimination. He regularly publishes on his personal page in Facebook photos where he stands with flags «trump 2020» in different places, such as Disneyland. He also sells petranovskaya goods and repeatedly faced with those who do not support the President. According to opponents of trump, Cheney PR just because of his antics.

A supporter of trump says that he was expelled from the cap MAGA, but maybe that’s not the whole storyCheney was taken out of Disney World after he held the poster «trump 2020» while riding on the rides

Bencic wasn’t in the bar when the incident occurred, but spoke with several employees who worked at Jake’s Dilemma that night, including the bartender, to figure out what happened.

«The problems started long before he turned on his camera,» said Banik in an interview with CBS News, adding that Cheney was acting «loud and unpleasant».

The bartender asked him to «calm down» and «lower voice» a few times before Cheney turned on the recording. According to Banica, every time he calmed down, but then again began to talk loudly, so the rest of the visitors became uncomfortable. Half an hour later Cheney said loudly «Macabra» («McJew»: prefix Mc is usually used in Irish surnames means «son»), the words of the staff Banchik. It hurt the bartender, who has Irish and Jewish roots. He decided that it was «the last straw».

«It was really loud racist comment, said Banchik. When he was asked to leave.»

But Cheney refused, with the result that the employee had to involve protection and to call the police. This moment captured on video activist. On the recording you can hear Cheney screaming «take Off my hat? How about to remove my pants?»

Banchik insists that the only reason the bartender had expressed any political views, was to Fix it faster left the school. The bar owner added that his staff was «absolutely apolitical, he doesn’t care who the President is.»

Supporters of trump all over the country say about the persecution and ill treatment on the part of business owners with liberal views, especially when we are talking about the red caps MAGA. This led to the creation of the app «Yelp for conservatives,» by which it is possible to find «safe» for conservatives, restaurants and other places.