Sanders appeared in public with a bandaged head

Presidential candidate, democratic Senator Bernie Sanders today shocked the public, appearing before supporters in southern California with a huge bandage on his forehead. At the meetings with the clergy and at the round table devoted to issues of medicine, those who attended were excited about it and was interested in the condition of 77-year-old policy.

Bernie Sanders gets stitches after cutting head on shower door

— News Vire (@newsvire1) March 15, 2019

Press Secretary Sanders Arianna Jones said details of the incident to journalists. According to Politico, the Senator cut himself on the glass door of the shower. The injury is not dangerous, she says, the policies he got to the hospital, where he sewed up the wound, put a stitch of 7 stitches and issuing a certificate of good health.

The incident should not affect the schedule of the candidate. After today all upcoming events, tomorrow he goes to his supporters in Nevada.