Beto O’rourke. The first ever presidential candidate — hacker

The friends of his youth a Texas Democrat, 46-year-old candidate told intriguing facts about his past. These are shocking facts of the voter or policy will bring additional votes? Will become President of the US hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow (CDC)?

Beto O’rourke. The first ever presidential candidate —

Beto O’rourke did not hide before, that in my youth was close to the hacker community, played in a punk band and published a controversial essay. Was arrested once for drunk driving and is also into skateboarding. But now it turns out that he was not just close, but directly was in the hacker team and personally broke the law.

Hackers, punks and Democrats — friends of youth O’rourke

Reuters today published part of the material, which should go a whole book this summer that relate the biography of the candidate O’rourke. Highly influential Cult of the Dead Cow, jokingly named after an abandoned slaughterhouse in Texas, is notorious that produces tools that allow ordinary people to hack into computers running Microsoft Windows. The members of the group defended the secret O’rourke for decades, not wanting to jeopardize his political career. Now, in a series of interviews, CDC members recognized O’rourke’s his friend.

There is no direct evidence that O’rourke was personally made some serious hacks. It is alleged that the hacking of the simplest software and computer games for free use, cheating the phone companies — the lifestyle of the group members. The team member simply could not afford to buy and install the licensed product. The judicial prospects for policy in the opened facts there, firstly they were all at that time minors, and secondly, the damage suffered in such cases does not exceed the critical $ 1500, third, long overdue 5-year Statute of limitations in such cases.

Rather, hacker’s past will help to understand the psychological portrait of a politician and his thinking. Hacker, watching the system from the outside, studying it reveals the sequence of actions, and intercepts a control, the forces working in the other direction. If he wants to crack the American system? Now whether the Americans?

Among the products of the young O’rourke was a Bulletin Board, a small prototype of a social network, he or she created, moderated and developed. It was supposed to teach him to communicate, to lead the communication and forward it to manipulate the opinions and interests of users. Experience the development of their own punk band, marched through outrageous antics like throwing the audience pieces of fresh meat, could give future policy the experience of playing with the mass mood and the crowd.

Perhaps this series his essay, where he fantasizes how it would be nice to shoot down children on the road with their car and watch their body on the hood, or the posts in defense of Hitler? Maybe it was to attract the interest of the group, maybe it was just youthful virendra, and if not? Or stuffing all this information now is also a play on the hacking system thinking voters, like those pieces of meat, which he threw to the audience from the stage?


Get hacked whether O’rourke the White house?

With all the punk and hacker schemes O’rourke officially tied at 18, when he left his native city at Columbia University. And then there was a rather successful political career. In El Paso, where he is officially doing business in the software industry, he famously carried them Congress Democrat, taking his place. Then there were many victories, until he finally became a Congressman from Texas and plunged into the world of big politics in the Capitol. One of his creations — the establishment of net neutrality, which is advocated by providers. Enthusiastically support major technology companies and consumer groups, network neutrality was officially adopted by the Federal communications Commission in 2015. However, a large telecommunications company argued that it limits their ability to offer new services to content providers, and administration trump the FCC repealed the act in 2017. Hackers typically support net neutrality as part of a broader worldview that the free flow of information is necessary for the free development and is a necessary condition for democracy on the Internet.

At the recent election of Senator from Texas O’rourke lost, but collected 48% for the Democrat in this state, an unprecedented result. Politically he does not adhere to any strict systems and dogmas. As a Democrat, he is liberal, supporting abortion rights and opposing a Wall on the border with Mexico. But he holds the libertarian view on other issues, speaking out against excessive regulation, but also in matters of control over the financial industry and taxes. Perhaps the secret of the evolution of such policies in the experience with the leaders of Silicon valley. It’s people who hold the most liberal views, promoting the Internet and supertechnologies as a weapon of maximum freedom of opportunity for all people. But they are businessmen, and therefore, the financiers and Industrialists, and inevitably need to be able to count money, to value order and the rule of law.